Spa & Wellness Awards

The Awards


There are a lot of people and businesses who are doing amazing things in the spa, health, beauty and wellness travel space. They are improving the lives of others, providing inspiration, offering incredible experiences, or simply giving to those who need. Yet, they are not very good at telling the world how good they are!


And that has been one of the main catalyst to launch the Spa & Wellness Awards. To provide a platform to reward and recognise those people and businesses doing remarkable things. To honour the great work they do or the quality products they supply.



The Dream


I’ll be honest, I’ve been wanting to bring back our Spa & Wellness awards since the demise of the Australasia Spa & Wellness Association (ASpa) in 2015. The ASpa Awards of Excellence were highly prestigious, and gave the industry a place to come together, celebrate and support our achievements as an industry.


Like a lot of good intentions, this one sat on a pile of ‘to do’s’ on my desk collecting dust. Then at last year’s Global Wellness Summit, a light bulb flashed, and with the encouragement of some good people in the industry, I decided 2020 was the time to bring the awards back.


The plan for these awards is to give a loud voice to the quiet achievers!


Yes, we will start small. A simple gala event on a beach or in a field celebrating in true Spa & Wellness style. On a balmy evening late September, sipping coconut water to live music, we will be getting ready to announce the winners of each award. A plant based buffet with a lot of happy, positive energy.


Over time, the awards evening, will be part of a larger event bringing our wonderful Spa & Wellness community together to celebrate, be inspired and share our success. In light of the recent bush fires and the ongoing drought, it is hoped these Awards will stimulate the Spa and Wellness Tourism industry and bring unity to an industry that is hurting right now.


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