The Virtual Client Keeper works with business owners within the hair, beauty, spa, yoga and wellness industry. We organise your client data from your software into micro niches to help your marketing strategy, when you don't know how.

I am so excited to be here for the spa and wellness industry.

My name is Paula Purser, and I'm here to provide support and assistance to you, the business owner to ultimately help increase appointment bookings, decrease no shows, increase revenue, promote your specials, follow up customers, and offer admin support where you need.

Look at Virtual Client Keeper as your very own PA, who works for you, for the time you need, when you need, without you incurring costs to recruit staff. No sick pay, superannuation, payroll tax or holiday pay to worry you!

I have worked for several different skin care brands while living in Australia, you may have met me before, and to this day, I still hear of the daily struggles had by owners, and it's usually the lack of time in their day to achieve all their tasks.

What would it mean to your business if you could complete all your admin tasks every day, every week or every month? If you don't currently have the time, what would it mean if Virtual Client Keeper followed up your customers regularly, together, we would be creating the best experience for them, one they would talk about and write about maybe!

I am passionate to be of service to your business to help you grow or to help you have time for what's essential in your life. I understand the struggles of owning a business, especially if you have a family too. I started The Healthy Body Studio from scratch at Emerald Lakes on the Gold Coast, and I loved taking it from an old unused cabin, into a massage, wellness, yoga and pilates studio.

Absolutely, it was difficult at times, but my heart and soul went into making it a successful venture that I could sell when I needed to. It has a third owner now, with a new name, and I'm so happy the space is still alive, serving the local community. Because I understand our industry, I want to help you where I can.

If you had someone to rely upon to work on all the tasks that you don't need to do, and are 'time-stealers', what would it mean to you? How much is that worth to your business? My company is set up with the best cyber security available, file sharing software, call transfer apps, and everything to help you feel secure in working with me. Communication is critical for me, and you will never not hear from me! We might have to schedule a call, but I will be there!

My philosophy is, 'out of sight, out of mind'. I want your business to be in your customer's mind regularly, and I want to be on your mind, so you can pass tasks for me to do so that we can work together. TEAMWORK, MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Please get in touch for a no obligation chat to see if I will be a good fit for your business needs.


  • Customer Service
  • Phone support
  • Admin Support
  • Appointment setting
  • Promoting

Virtual Client Keeper

PO BOx 4255, Ashmore, Queensland 4214 , Australia
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