Welcome to one of the most relaxing therapy centres, where our therapists offer tranquillity whilst being treated. Tak Shing Electrostatic Therapy Center is a health management organization that uses live energy to regulate sub-health, activate cells

A method of treating diseases using different types of currents and electromagnetic fields. One of the most commonly used methods of physical therapy. There are mainly DC electrotherapy, direct current drug iontophoresis, low-frequency pulse electrotherapy, medium frequency pulse electrotherapy, high-frequency electrotherapy, and electrostatic therapy.

Different types of current have different physiological effects on the human body. Direct current is a constant current, which can change the ion distribution in the body and adjust the function of the body. It is commonly used for drug iontophoresis; low and medium frequency currents stimulate neuromuscular contraction, reduce pain threshold, relieve adhesion, and high-frequency electricity with its thermal effect on the human body.

And heat external effects promote circulation, eliminate inflammation and edema, stimulate tissue regeneration, pain relief, commonly used to treat injury, inflammation pain syndrome, static electricity is mainly used to regulate the central nervous system and plant functions, commonly used in neurosis, menopausal syndrome.

Tak Shing Bali

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