I have been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember. By 13, I had given up junk food, and by 15 I had begun leading group fitness classes – and continue to do so today. For me it is not a fad, it is a lifestyle.


Kris Abbey


I’ve created Wellness Programs for busy people like you! I know you don’t have loads of time to meal prep & life is too short to do exercises you don’t enjoy. If you’re stressed, time-poor, and don’t like diets, my programs are for you. Hacks and Health tips galore!

As editor of Spa & Wellness International I get to visit some of the best Spas around the world and do their wonderful detox programs. As a result, I’ve created my Spa Inspired Detox program, complete with recipes from those Spas, little tips to help reduce weight, and some rituals that will take you to any destination your heart desires.

If you jump over to my website you start your journey to great health without the usual diet denial and unrealistic, boring programs. 

Area's I specialise in are:

Detoxing without Denial - online programs even the busiest foodie can do and love.

Ageing Well - a omplete wellness program that will get you bouncing out of bed and feeling like a kid again.

Wellness Leave - Creating unique programs for your Workplace so Sick leave won't be a thing!

Wellness Travel - Curate wellness retreats and DIY programs for the traveller who wants to get more bang for their buck on holidays. A holiday with a healthy twist!

Spa & Wellness consulting - let me help you integrate more wellness into your Spa or Business offering. From Day Spas to Travel Agents - I can help you reach the wellness seeking customer.

Digital Media - Digital and social media are a real passion of mine. If you're not aggressively marketing your business online and through social media you are missing a massive opportunity. Would you like to capitalise on that opportunity? Send me an email and we can make a plan.

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Kris Abbey

Kris Abbey

PO Box 123, Freshwater, New South Wales 2096 , Australia
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If you would love to do a detox program at a retreat, however it’s too hard to get away, or you just can’t afford it right now…. then this program is for you. It has been created with the help of the best Detox Resorts around the world.

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