Let’s level with each other. All that stands between feeling alright and feeling awesome is 4 simple weeks. Thi thoughtful, thorough, and expertly-planned detox program can literally be the start of an entirely new love affair with life.

This program is NOT about strict diet, bland food and denial. Rather eating delicious, nutritious soul food your body loves. At the end of the program you will feel amazing, you'll even have a swing in your stride and skip in your step. (Scout’s honor.) At The End Of 4 Weeks, You’ll (Likely) Walk Away With: * Weight loss * Boundless energy * A sense of vitality * Loss of fat (not lean muscle) * Greater concentration * Smoother, clearer skin * Brighter eyes * Better digestion * Smoother bowel function * Deeper sleep * Improved acid/alkaline balance of the body * Upgraded feelings of health & wellbeing For more about this program visit www.krisabbey.com


  • This is a convenient online program you can do when it suits you.
  • You'll receive a comprehensive ebook, meal plans, recipes, an exercise plan and a support network.


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