Magic Touch Detox

When you consider a Spa treatment you tend to be drawn to either a Pamper or a Results-driven treatment. Some of us want a nice relaxing treatment, while others want a treatment that provides physiological and visible differences - in fewer than 60 minutes. However the lines between the two ‘preferred options’ are becoming very blurred, and in my view, a pamper massage still provides a result. A calm mind is a great result!

But what if a treatment offered smoother skin, reduced cellulite, removal of toxins and excess fluid, and a loss of a kilo or two? Well I’d be on that table faster than you can say ‘face up or down’? The Magic Touch Detox by Body & Face offers just that.

Originating from Brazil, where a lot of cutting edge treatments are emerging, the Magic Touch Detox offers all of the above-mentioned, as well as skin tightening and a reduction in stretch marks! It has been touted the celebrity ‘go to’ treatment for red-carpet ready…. and now it has arrived in Australia.

Brazilian born Physiotherapist & Aesthetician, Fernanda Barbosa has introduced this treatment to Australia and already seeing startling results. 

Detox & Drainage

The treatment starts with Fernanda taking both my left and right thigh, hip, waist and bottom measurements and then making me jump on the scales to record my weight. She does this with confidence, because she knows you’ll enjoy visible differences from just one treatment.

After my vital stats are recorded, she dry-brushes my body to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. This is followed by a relaxing Lymphatic Drainage massage. Your lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and is responsible for clearing toxins from your body. If your lymph system becomes sluggish, toxins build up and your immune system is compromised. You’re also more likely to hold fluid, store fat and suffer toxic build up.

A lymphatic drainage massage requires a specific technique to stimulate the lymph nodes and circulation. This assists your body to eliminate toxins, fluid and cellulite. Win. Win. Win.

After the lymphatic drainage massage, there is an option to have Ultrasound. The ultrasonic waves of the ultrasound cause a vibration of the tissues, particularly those that contain collagen. This increased vibration leads to the production of heat, which stimulates venous vascularity, i.e. dilation of blood vessels causing an increase in blood flow and collagen repair. It is painless and helps tighten skin on and below the surface.

I opt out of the ultrasound in lieu of more time available for the massage. Brazilians are Gold Medallist at massage, and when it comes to Spa treatments, I prefer manual to mechanical any day of the week.

Now the fun begins. I’m covered in a smooth, thick buttery mud designed to nourish the skin while drawing out toxins. To help activate this glorious layer of goodness on my skin, I’m wrapped in a thermal blanket. Let the magic begin. I become warm, kicking in my thermoregulation, and the need to sweat. Toxins are on the way out!

After about 20 minutes I’m unwrapped, the mud is removed and my body is treated to an amazing Body Contouring Massage. Focussing on the spots that jiggle, Fernanda’s hands uses special Brazilian techniques to improve circulation, drain toxins and improve the appearance of cellulite. Not to mention how good it feels on tight muscles.

Did I get results? I most certainly did!

The Results

After one treatment

  • Loss of 2-3cm in hip, thighs, waist and bottom
  • Loss of 1.5 kilograms
  • Clearer eyes
  • Smoother, tighter skin
  • My jeans were loser (true) and I felt less ‘fluidy’
  • I felt cleaner and more energised

Fernanda advises drinking 2-3 liters of water trough-out the afternoon, and suggests 4-6 treatments depending on your over-all goals.

Fast Facts

$190 for 2-hour treatment 

TIP: Drink plenty of water during and post treatment. For the 48 hours following you will want to go to the bathroom more. This is a great sign that the effects of the treatment continues even after you’ve left the Spa.