By Cleo Glyde

Mother Nature’s larder is the source of beauty ingredients designed to make you look (and smell) as yummy as your favourite dish. Lip-smackingly good balms to soften skin; coffee beans as fragrant as a hazelnut latte; green tea that detoxifies from the outside in; the sudsy, sensory delight of piping hot cinnamon buns at bathtime and scrubs that bring skin to tingling life. Orchard-inspired ingredients from the kitchen cabinet enrich skin and hair with nutrient-rich goodies. Now it’s your turn to be good enough to eat. Bon Appetit…

DS & DURGA Coriander Eau De Parfum

The peppery freshness of leaf and coriander seed doesn’t just add delicious flavour to a dish, it can create a fabulously distinctive fragrance. Read more.


L’OREAL PARIS Sugar Purifying Scrub

A basket worth of goodies in this lightweight gel gently scrubs skin back to its radiant, luminous best. Exfoliant sugar crystals slough off dead cells and kiwi seed targets blackheads - over and out. Read more


CIRCA HOME Pear & Lime

The scent of juicy, succulent pear straight from the orchard wafts from this eco soy candle - our secret weapon at the office. Read more


SUGARBABY Coconut Hair Treatment

Thirsty hair will drink up this naturally nourishing remedy. The longer you leave it on, the more gloriously silky your tresses will be, tropical siren-style… Read more


YOUNG LIVING Lemon-Sandalwood Soap

This all-natural soap is infused with lemon essential oil, the botanical answer to cleansing and brightening dark spots. Read more


JO MALONE Honey & Crocus Fragrance

This purse-size tribute to the fields of rural England allows us to conjure country air as we spritz on the homespun pleasures of rich, sweet honey and almond - brightened by sparkling crocus. Read more

BURT’S BEES Lip Crayon

Breathable beeswax is the perfect winter lip emollient as it still allows the skin to absorb moisture from the air. The busy bees at Burt’s Bees added gorgeous matte tints to create moisture-rich crayon colour that leaves lips better than it found them. Read more


ELIZABETH ARDEN White Tea Eau De Toilette

The crispness of white tea enlivens this fragrance from the green family, as fresh as laundry flapping in the breeze. It is a marvellous alternative for those sophisticates who don’t love the sickly sweet fragrance trend. Read more



Do you want to slather one of nature’s great moisturisers on hands and smell like a delicious cake? Us too. A must keep in your handbag. Read more


BIORÈ Baking Soda

Avoid over-scrubbing with great granny’s greatest kitchen secret, fast-dissolving baking soda - reinvented as new hipster beauty ingredient. Read more


GOODNESS Chia Seed Oil

Hold that chia smoothie! Try adding a few drops of this superfood to your moisturiser. Easily absorbed and packed with fatty acids, this ingredient makes a brilliant facial oil. Read more


SUKIN Coffee & Coconut Scrub

Let coffee add a spring to your step a whole other way. Natural shell and aromatic coffee scrub off dead cells, stimulating and polishing skin. You glow girl! Read more

SVEN’S ISLAND Kanuka Honey

Stickily sweet high-grade Kanuka Honey is not just a delight to taste – it’s also packed with antibacterial and antioxidant benefits for the skin. 100 times stronger than Manuka Honey, with medical grade extra proteins, it has been harvested by farmer Sven, who has grown wild natives in pristine New Zealand for 35 years. Consider yourself one jar away from being Queen Bee - and each spoonful a beauty treatment. Read more


PHILOSOPHY Cinnamon Buns Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath-in-one

Bring the spicy comforts of yeasty cinnamon buns to your next bath soak – guilt-free bingeing allowed to your heart’s content. Read more


BLISS Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter

Let the snap of citrus waft off clean skin as the luxe, emollient formula of Bliss Brand’s hero product instantly softens, putting in plenty of elbow grease. Read more


LA MAISON No 4 Wild Berries

Divinely ripe berry, rosewood and moss bring the pungency of the forest floor behind closed doors with this premium, triple scented treat for your home. Etched black glass adds a stunning, nocturnal design element. Read more


SIMPLE AS THAT Match Green Tea Mask

Green tea stone-ground this finely, makes the perfect antioxidant mask to soothe the inflammatory effects of those urban buzzkills: pollution and stress. No porch required... Read more

LUSH COSMETICS Percup Massage Bar

This bathing bestie is more caffeine-fuelled than a soy latte-swilling hipster. Whole beans make the perfect stimulus to sluggish circulation, with a rich aroma to make you as nutty and toasty as your morning drop. Read more


LANOLIPS Banana Balm

The brand that single-handedly relaunched super humectant lanolin as a cult ingredient adds delicious banana flavour to its famous lip balm. A quick slick through the day is easy – not licking it off is the hard part… Read more


TOO FACED Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

The only thing more fun than this palette is wolfing down an actual chocolate bar while no-one’s looking. With fab chocolate tin packaging, a shadow that’s actually cocoa powder infused and gorgeous mocha, caramels and bronze colours, you’ll be on a sugar high everytime you open your beauty bag. Try the other kind of ‘gorge’. Read more


ENDOTA SPA Sugar & Sea Salt spa in a jar

Your skin cells are so last month - your body just doesn’t know it yet. Slough the dead cells off with two of mother’s nature’s most luminising pantry scrubbers, sugar and salt - softened with beeswax. Read more


BRITE ORGANIX tea Tree & Mint hair masque

Tea tree is the ultimate healing anti-inflammatory, and who doesn’t love the burstingly fresh scent of uplifting mint? The combination is a repair - condition leave-on powerhouse for hair care. Read more


ORGANIC ISLAND Antioxidant Day Creme

Thirsty skin will drink up powerfully nourishing and hydrating green tea and olive leaf in this feather-light formulation. Read more

WE ARE FEEL GOOD INC Coconut 50+ Sunscreen

Clown masks be gone! This lighter, fragrant sunscreen in your new bestie - with no nasties and heavy texture. Read more


JO MALONE Lime, Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil

Sliding into a warm, fragrant bath with Jo Malone oil at hand is always a Very.Good.Day. Stunning kitchen garden ingredients will elevate your mood and leave skin energised with the zing of sun-kissed citrus and the heady scent of basil leaf. Read more



This bottle is bursting with power green actives along with oh-so-trendy kombucha - like blue-green algae and spirulina. Read more


PEOPLE FOR PLANTS Sensitive Moisture

Do you already dunk chamomile in your tea for its calming properties? Try popping the herb on your eyes instead. The skin-soothing actives of chamomile and calendula are so gentle they’ll nurture and soften the most fragile skin. This great Aussie eco brand gives skin a break from the dozens of chemicals beauty customers accidentally slather on daily. Read more


Papaya isn’t just a succulent tropical dessert. The all-purpose salve taps into the power of papaya enzymes to soothe burns, bites, burns - or even gloss up lips for city slickers. Read more


MILK & CO Body Scrub

The beach in a bottle: coconut shell and rosehip oil reinvigorate skin to its tingling best. The brand embodies the can-do, wellness spirit of its superbly fit founder, Olympic swimmer Michael Klim. Read more


MOR BOUTIQUE Pomegranate Reed Diffuser

Maximalist chic in white and gold adds decorative flair to divine sweet-tart pomegranate fragrance, prized by the ancient Greeks. Read more


LAVANILA Vanilla Lemon Body Butter

Roll the dessert tray right into your bathroom as sweet meets citrus in this delicious confection of organic, easily absorbed heaven, moisturising skin from top to toe. Read more


CRABTREE & EVELYN Tarocco Orange shower range

The tarocco orange is prized for its blood-red hue, but this plump, juicy beauty is more than just a pretty face – it has more vitamin C than any other citrus. Add sparkle to your next shower... Read more