Many people say “It’s the little things that make a big difference” and I agree! And I’ll go on to add that sometimes these little things are not seen until you close your eyes!

When you have a Spa treatment (and this can be said for other experiences too!) it is always heightened when your eyes are closed. It becomes a sensory journey sans sight. The volume is turned up on the other senses amplifying the experience. The smells, the sounds and the sense of touch – all become louder. The ambiance, the therapist’s presence, the music playing, the room temperature, even the feel of the sheet or blanket covering you. All these little things become bigger things.  And it’s these ‘little’ things, which can take the treatment from a ‘pamper’ to a preventative health, and purely divine experience.

I’ll get to this sensory journey in a moment. For now let’s open our eyes (and mind) and take in the surrounding setting.

Bodhi J Day Spa has been awarded Australia’s best day Spa for the last two years in a row. It has two locations, one walking distance from Perth’s CBD and the other in the up-market suburb of Wembley. My experience was at the CBD Spa, located on Pier Street.   

I’m walking down Pier Street, a tree lined semi-residential, semi-small business area just a stone’s throw from the heart of Perth. There are very few people and it’s very quiet, almost eerie… it’s early afternoon. Where is everyone? 

This isn't what I’m expecting, which is good! Like the little things, the unexpected also makes for a better experience. If things were always about meeting expectations, well… to me that’s bordering on boring! 

“We’re opposite NIB Stadium”. Had they said, “we’re a beautiful Federation home with what could be described as a barn with big wooden gates out front” my expectations would have still not been met! This place is a melting pot of city and country, modern and heritage, timber and brick. I love it!


I walk through the main gate, to the soothing sounds of trickling water; actually it is at this point the volume is turned down a notch – even though it's already quiet. I go inside and it is like walking into your own home. There is a spot for your shoes, inviting you to get comfortable, with an embracing sense of warmth. There’s a nice blend of friendly familiarity, yet honouring your time and space. If I walk out now I’m happy. In that short space of time I’ve had a wonderful experience, a moment to stop and exhale, and a chance to smell the roses, or was it Gardenia?

This CBD Spa is a mini oasis. There is a quiet courtyard to relax in pre or post treatment, a seamless integration of an old home with modern features, and an equally beautiful blend of East meets West with the menu offering.

The ‘barn’ is actually a yoga studio, with the most incredible natural light and vaulted ceiling. I’m told the previous occupant was a photographer and this was where he used to do a lot of his work. It was custom-built to be a studio to photograph old cars, and now Bodhi J benefit from this amazing natural light – one of the little things!

Some of the treatment rooms are brand new, while the others are in the original home with high, ornate ceilings and functioning fireplaces. I’m in one of the modern treatment rooms. Initially I was disappointed, but once my eyes were covered with a scented eye-pad, and my therapist begun, disappointed dissipated, along with any stress in my body. 

I’ll put it on record now that I’m not a fan (at all) of choreographed body treatments a lot of Day Spas offer. Let’s call it a pamper-session? There is no sense of where your body needs special attention, or customising the treatment for YOU. It’s just three strokes to the left with one to the right. The massage oil isn’t matched to your olfactory needs, and the music is simply one-size fits all! That is the difference between a pamper and a treatment!

I had a treatment!


Deeply meditative, this experience aims to bring the chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of massage, coupled with specific essential oil blends and beautiful crystals. Working subtly on the energetic body with profound effects, this truly unique experience leaves you feeling calm and in a state of harmony. As a result you will enjoy an increase in wellbeing and spirituality.

Chakra is from the Indian Sanskrit word for wheel and is more commonly translated to mean a point of physical or spiritual energy in the human body. That feeling of being out of whack, or a bit blah, can often mean your Chakras need a bit of attention, some love, to be re-aligned. To get your wheels turning in sync again.

There are a lot of promises being made in my treatment description. Every single one of them was met, even surpassed. I find a great therapist, a wonderful product brand (Sodashi) and a touch of the unique create the perfect storm so far as a treatment. Then add in all the little things…. Well, it then becomes BIG!

I felt a physical shift during the treatment. And I felt a big difference in my energy levels for the rest of the day. That night I slept like a giant.

There is something about Bodhi J, maybe it’s all the little things, that speaks to your soul. It’s much more than time-out from the ever-running treadmill. It’s almost like a switch is turned on to make you focus on the inside, not always the outside. To look deeper at the things that you can’t see, but can feel. Maybe that’s why we need to have our eyes shielded, so we can really see…. Feel…. Smell.

One thing I can see, is why Bodhi J is an award winning Day Spa. It offers a big dose of wellness (along with Yoga and retreats) the minute you step inside. And you leave having felt like you've been on a holiday. I even caught myself humming the Johnny Nash classic... "I can see clearly now for the rain has gone...." My humming might have been out of tune, but my Chakras were totally in sync!



90 MIN $210


Bodhi J is the brainchild of husband and wife, Danny and Tania Taylor. Both are walkers of the wellness talk and bring a lot of natural, indigenous healing treatments to their urban wellness centres. Totally award-winning stuff!