Ok. You've left your run a bit late or you're still wondering what to get the person who is super hard to shop for? Or you want to give a gift that is meaningful, beneficial - and gives you 'great gift giver' status? Here's my guide to that gift.... that just keep giving....


1. HUTWOODS: Bath & Body

Australian-Made Body products are as good as they get. And HUTWOODS continue the reputation of great products made from pure Aussie ingredients. Established in Sydney, in 2013, their philosophy was to develop a product range that would encourage people to take the time to invest in themselves. A chance to experience a moment of 'escape' in their everyday lives. The entire range is delicious, but my pick is definitely the JASMINE & MAY CHANG BATH & BODY OIL WITH COMPRENA FLOWERS  ($49.95). 


We strive to have a positive impact on wellbeing, encouraging everyone to enjoy a daily dose of calmness and relaxation.



2. ENDOTA: Spa Voucher

Who doesn't need a trip to a day Spa, especially after surviving Christmas, and the crazy lead up to the big day? ENDOTA is the largest day spa network in Australia with over 100 spas across the country, and offer a variety of treatments. A rejuvenating facial or restorative body treatment would certainly make me smile if there was one of those under the Chrissy Tree for me!



3. Avarcas: Comfy Flats 

Nothing screams Aussie Summer like a pair of thongs! But sometimes you want to look a bit more stylish, yet still have that liberating freedom and comfy-ness (true word) that a pair of thongs is renowned for. As Australian as a pair of thongs, but cranked up a gear (or several) in the style stakes are AVARCAS CASHEW ESPADRILLE MINI WEDGE ($120). The perfect gift for holiday feet!


These gems are THE most comfortable shoes I've ever worn AND they are oh so pretty. ️


4. PETAL POST: Fresh Flowers

Imagine a fresh bunch of flowers delivered with your name on the card.... Every week? Fresh flowers is the perfect gift - anytime! PETAL POST was founded in 2015 by Zoe Lamont through a love of fresh flowers and a desire for more people to enjoy the everyday pleasure they bring. Petal Post is Australia’s first boxed flower company that offers pre-arranged, all Australian grown flowers, as both a gift and subscription. Natural art & aroma from local growers…. Hard to beat.



5. TIME TOGETHER: Uninterrupted

The tedious 'We must catch up before Christmas' only adds hectic-ness (another true word!) to the already hectic time of year. So, rather than add pressure to the already-pressure-packed calendar of pre-Chrissy catch ups, why not give the gift of time together at their chosen destination? A walk along the beach, a coffee at that cafe you both have been wanting to try, dinner, movie, a bottle of wine on the couch. Give them a date with you! 



There it is. Five of my favourite (last minute) gifts.

Merry Christmas - may your day be filled with good food, fun, family, and friends. xo 


Photo Credit: Instagram. All images are on the gift suggestions account. Be sure to follow them for more good ideas!